My Vision

My number one priority as a city council member is to ensure that the taxes are kept low and reduced where waste is found. I believe that the relative youth of our city gives us an advantage that we must maintain. A lean city that avoids pitfalls – such as patronage jobs, exorbitant pension obligations, and costly frivolous litigation – can deliver quality service without burdening tax payers.

I am a small business owner, specializing in income tax preparation, and the father of two young boys. I will serve as an active voice for the residents in Dunwoody.


  1.  Public Safety – This continues to be a top priority. Crimes of opportunity will occur as more people discover what a great place Dunwoody is to live. My goal is to make sure that our police force is funded and prepared to face any challenge head on.
  2. Traffic – I support creative an innovative measures that will help our traffic issues in Dunwoody. That said, I will not support wasteful spending on projects that have not been proven to provide real traffic relief.
  3. Technology – I believe that by updating our technological infrastructure Dunwoody can take advantages of new efficiency and achieve better results. Examples include updated traffic light synchronization and public safety communications between municipalities that can improve police response.

Recent Questions from Residents

Do you support prayer at city council meetings?
Yes, I prayer at city council meetings. I believe in God and believe it is a good thing for the council to take time for a brief prayer to focus our minds on making decisions that work for the good of all.

Do you believe in public-private partnerships?
I believe in public-private partnerships. There are areas where the most efficient economic outcomes occur when businesses and municipalities work together.

A perfect example of this is the work of the Perimeter Community Improvement District. Beautification of Dunwoody right-of-way benefits the city and it’s residents generally, but directly benefits the commercial property owners in that area. It is a smart business decision for both Dunwoody and those property owners to work together to achieve their goals more quickly.

Do you support Dunwoody’s current form of government?
I believe that this current form of government has generally served the residents well, and any major changes to how our city functions should take into account the will of the voters.


City’s Infrastructurecanalpark

Fellow residents of Dunwoody: If you elect me on November 5, 2013, I
will push for an integrated solution for our city’s infrastructure
needs – one that relies on an active partnership between the
residents, businesses, and city government. As an unincorporated part
of DeKalb County we had no specific long term plan for our area, and
as a result we failed to meet the needs of our area’s evolution as a
business, civic and cultural center. Now as a young and vibrant city
we have a unique opportunity to solve current infrastructure problems,
making decisions that are aimed at sustainable long term solutions.

Austin school

School District

I support the creation of a new School District administered locally.
Taxes currently collected from our citizens are more than enough to
support this initiative. DeKalb County School System is failing our
children, and we need to make sure they will receive the highest
quality education. They deserve it.